Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty - Outreach

The Culture and University Extension unit develops relations University-Industry-Society. Examples of its activities are:

Center for Training and Certification of Professional Skills (C4P)

Located in the heart of Bahía Blanca Industrial Park, it is geared to meet the needs of training and retraining of workers and unemployed, thus providing companies with highly qualified human resources in technical disciplines. Its School of Welding is one of the main proposals, complemented by courses in disciplines such as industrial instrumentation, piping, mechanical, electrical, among others.

University Language Centre (CEDI)

Language courses are offered: English, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian. Also a system of external examinations certifying language skills.

An ambitious Program of Safety Training

Is developed with leading Petrochemical companies since 1988. Thanks to this have been issued more than 100,000 training courses to workers, helping to make safer their working conditions.

The Cisco Regional Academy

Is a training center in networks and information technology, administered by the Department of Electronic Engineering.

Training for companies

The major companies in the region rely on the ability of FRBB Departments for training and updating of its sites, becoming strategic partners through comprehensive training programs.

Regional Development

Area for planning and development of the South Buenos Aires, which provides cooperation in resolving social conflicts, formulates plans for the development of value chains and other actions, with public and private actors.

University Volunteers

Program that promotes projects in which students, teachers and external form working groups to look after and care for others, achieving different solutions for each situation. The overall objective is to train professionals with greater social sensitivity.