Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty - Research

Scientific and technological research activities are coordinated by the Office of Science and Technology. At present, the following research groups are active:

  • Centre for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Research - CIMTA -
  • Environmental Engineering Study Group - GEIA -
  • Energy Studies Group - GESE -
  • Materials Study Group - GEMAT -
  • Coasts and Ports Study Group - GEPC -
  • Communication and Information Technologies and Systems - SITIC -
  • Environment, Chemistry and Biology Study Group - GEAQB -
  • Development Group of computational tools for Engineering, Organizations and Teaching -
  • Research Group in Applied Multiphysics - GIMAP -

Some research and development projects conducted by these groups are:

  • Study of the microstructure and mechanical properties of metallic alloys subjected to creep and fatigue.
  • Applied research on the use of glassy materials on renewable energy sources.
  • Nonlinear structural mechanics. Optimum design and identification of structural flaws.
  • Computational study of materials with potential industrial applications.
  • Mathematical Models in Environmental Engineering: Optimal design and control.
  • Quantification of uncertainty in mechanical and structural systems dynamics applicable to land mobile platforms.
  • Comprehensive assessment of geological and hydrodynamic processes acting in the Bahía Blanca estuarine system and its influence in the path to ports.
  • Risk of an environmental liability on the Bahía Blanca estuary.
  • Marine, coastal, lake and river environments; natural processes and anthropogenic influence.
  • Co digestion of manure and onion waste using sequential batch anaerobic reactors.
  • Water and energy in Bahia Blanca.
  • Autonomous collecting energy systems in wireless sensing.
  • Networked embedded systems with real-time requirements: modeling, simulation and practical implementation of communication protocols.
  • Digital architectures for systems in programmable chip.
  • Methodologies for automatic loopshaping in design of robust controllers using QFT for SISO systems.
  • Determination of transient in physical systems using the wavelet discrete transform.
  • Using a technology platform as a teaching tool for engineering education - PLATEC.
  • Initial training in Engineering and LOI: trends and improvements in learning.

A Technology Transfer Office works with the Science and Technology Department offering:

Computational Mechanics
Mechanical Vibrations and Noise
Fluids Mechanics
Material Testing
Transport and Traffic
Energy consumption optimization
Alternative energy sources
Testing and calibrations
Process control systems
Industrial Organization
Quality Management
Human Resources Management
Process Management
Industrial hygiene and safety
Industrial Design
Product Development
Mold design and manufacture
Reverse engineering
Laboratory of concrete
Laboratory of asphalts
Environmental Engineering
Urban planning
Ports and coasts
Automation and control
Electromagnetic fields pollution
Computing, networks and databases
Technology Management
Formulation, presentation and management of research and
development projects for companies to funding agencies
Advice on legal protection of inventions
Technology Information Research
Analysis of patentability
Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence