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The city of Bahía Blanca

Bahia Blanca (“white bay”) has a population of 350.000 inhabitants (more than 500.000 within a 100 Km geographical radio) and is located 680 Km SW from Buenos Aires city. Founded on April 11th 1828, it is considered the “great metropolis of the south” and interrelates mainly with the Northern Patagonia region and La Pampa province.

Due to its location on the SW coast of the Buenos Aires province, it turns into an articulated node of nets that allows the entry and exit to the city through different ways: by land, air or sea. 

The autonomous deep waters port recognizes as its main agents the agro industrial export system, conformed by multinational companies and a very important industrial-petrochemical system.

The university education of the city stands out for its high quality, is recognized both nationally and internationally and has a wide regional impact. The system is composed by two national universities: the National Technological University – Bahia Blanca Regional Faculty (UTN-FRBB), and the South National University (UNS). An important range of under-graduate, graduate and postgraduate courses can be taken in both of them.

This international city opens its doors to the world, with the aim to continue evolving and advancing towards new horizons of sustained progress.

For more information, please see: http://www.bahiablanca.gov.ar/ (in Spanish)

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