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Welcome to our University

The National Technological University, in its 70th anniversary, is a fundamental tool for the development of our young Nation. Dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Engineering and other branches of Technology, the UTN lays its foundations on the production field and its graduates are inserted in the most diverse companies and institutions, thus creating a feedback process that ensures the accomplishment of UTN mission.

Based on its three core functions, namely Academic, Research and Outreach, Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty has promoted a sustained process of continuous improvement for the last years.

Established in an industrial and agricultural, cattle raising city and port, Bahía Blanca, which constitutes the head of a wide area, the Faculty is open to the world in an internationalization process that promotes integration in terms of equity, solidarity and social justice.

I cordially invite you to visit our Faculty, where you will find not only academic excellence but also a friendly and safe environment for socializing, studying and teaching.

Alejandro Staffa Dean


Ing Alejandro Staffa is Dean for the 2021-2025 period.

National Technological University


Founded in October, 1952 with the ultimate purpose of fostering industrial development in the country, the National Technological University (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, UTN) was conceived as an educational institution closely bound to the production field.

It aimed at offering students from high technical schools, who were already working for the industrial sector, the possibility to graduate as Factory Engineers.

Engineering Academic Programs at UTN:

Electrical Electromechanical Civil Textile Aeronautical Information systems Metallurgical Chemical Mechanical Fisheries Industria Naval Electronic

It was established in 1954. The Faculty comprises a modern building infrastructure consisting of two towers and a central building for administration. One tower is a ten-storey building devoted to lecture rooms and a computing center, and the other six-storey building includes laboratories, library and research groups

The city of Bahía Blanca

Bahía Blanca City

Bahia Blanca (“white bay”) has a population of 350.000 inhabitants (more than 500.000 within a 100 Km geographical radio) and is located 680 Km SW from Buenos Aires city. Founded on April 11th 1828, it is considered the “great metropolis of the south” and interrelates mainly with the Northern Patagonia region and La Pampa province.

Due to its location on the SW coast of the Buenos Aires province, it turns into an articulated node of nets that allows the entry and exit to the city through different ways: by land, air or sea. Its geographic proximity to the productive centers and to the main networks of energy transport makes the city an important supplier of essential services for local consumption and also for regional industries, especially those comprised in the petrochemical complex in the port zone. In 1969 the city was named a “Pole of Development”.

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