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Welcome to our University

In 2010, Argentina celebrates its bicentenary.

The National Technological University, in its 58th anniversary, is a fundamental tool for the development of our young Nation. Dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Engineering and other branches of Technology, the UTN lays its foundations on the production field and its graduates are inserted in the most diverse companies and institutions, thus creating a feedback process that ensures the accomplishment of UTN mission.
Based on its three core functions, namely Academic, Research and Outreach, Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty has promoted a sustained process of continuous improvement for the last years.
Established in an industrial and agricultural, cattle raising city and port, Bahía Blanca, which constitutes the head of a wide area, the Faculty is open to the world in an internationalization process that promotes integration in terms of equity, solidarity and social justice.
I cordially invite you to visit our Faculty, where you will find not only academic excellence but also a friendly and safe environment for socializing, studying and teaching.

Liberto Ercoli


For further information, please contact the International Affairs Office

Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty - National Technological University

461 - 11 de Abril Street, (B8000LMI) Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA